WiFi Analytics with Ruckus SCI

For customers that require advanced analytical information on their WiFi network. Ruckus Wireless SCI (Smart Cell Insight) platform transforms traditional network reporting into a vital business tool, collecting, analyzing, parsing, presenting, and storing unprecedented amounts of user, traffic, session, and location information. Data from the largest networks can be stored and retrieved for 5 to 7 years, or more.

Analytics Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard offering advanced reporting and analytical features never seen before!

Analytics Manager

Reporting Engine

Advanced reporting engine enabling deep insight into historical WiFi analytics over several years!

Analytics Manager

Footstream traffic

Looking at footstream traffic to better understand how people move through a venue. This can be used to show where people stop, linger and where they just keep moving.

  •  Collect statistics and aggregate metrics
  •  Search and analyse data quickly from archive
  •  Standard reports for most common use cases
  •  Custom reports
  •  Satisfy regulatory requirements
  •  Admission control/load balancing


Predictive Analytics

It is possible to look at historical trends and use that information to make "predictions" about where network demand is going. This allows the network planning and network engineering teams to get out in front in the deployment of additional WiFi capacity.

Predictive Analytics

Application Recognition

Another valuable piece of information that can be gleaned from the network relates to the types of applications that subscribers are running over the network and how they are trending. A very strong uptick in bandwidth intensive applications like video streaming may indicate that network exhaust may happen even sooner then previously thought.